Weighing Food (chicken)

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    Weighing Food (chicken)

    For example chicken.

    If I'm wanting to eat 6oz of chicken, is that 6oz measured raw or cooked.

    I noticed the weights can change a lot. I measured a frozen chicken breast that looked about 5oz and it weighted about 7oz.

    Then I weighted some cooked chicken (what I thought was AT LEAST 7oz) and it weighed about 5oz. This is an old scale I'm using and might be inaccurate.

    I have always assumed an average sized chicken breast is around 6-8oz. and 1oz = 7g protein (roughly)

    Please clarify

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    I weigh all my food cooked, because that's the final state of the product and the final actual amount I'm going to be eating. Googled sources for "cooked skinless plain chicken breast" vary from 30 to 45 calories per ounce, so I always call it 37 cal/oz cooked. Most sources are pretty close with the protein, coming in at 6.5 gms of protein/ounce.
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    ^ I also cook it then weigh it.

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