52 Years Old - Need Diet Tips/Help

  1. 52 Years Old - Need Diet Tips/Help

    Hello I am new to this site. My son directed me here in hopes to get some advice. I have never been one for dieting, but there comes a point of needing to do something.

    I recently saw a doctor and was put on a testosterone injection as well as an estrogen reducer. It has been about 4 weeks now since my first injections.

    I am honestly looking for any advice as to what a simple diet might look like for someone my age, weight, and dieting past.

    Any sort of advice would be much appreciated.


  2. Height weight?
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  3. 5'10" always hovering around 235 - 240

  4. i am your age and this is what i did. everyone is different but it worked for me cut out sugar(using splenda for coffee only) all white stuff except egg whites, brown rice and wheat pasta, limit dairy, lean meats heavy on chicken breast and fish, no fried stuff. tons of veggies, fruits but don't over do lots of sugar there. oats , supplements. fish oil, joint support, whey protein for meal replacement. check the store for supps they have good deals weekly. its all about what you want my friend and how bad you want it.i lost 18 lbs and my wife lost 40 in a year doing this. i am as toned as i was when i was in basic training or better! if exercising just listen to your body and know its limits. injuries come a whole lot faster to us than the young ones! i can give you some good recipes if you want and advice on cooking healthy. good luck with what you decide.

  5. This is a pretty interesting site, as it shows there are plenty of myths surrounding weight loss. Weightloss is natural and as long as you eat enough vitamins and minerals and run an energy deficit you will lose weight.
    Look up
    "healthcorrelator.blogspot amounts-of-water-carbohydrates-fat"
    While I am definately not advising fasting, it shows that when you lose weight is mostly fat, and you don't have to have a meal every 2 hours
    Good Luck I hope you enjoy success

  6. DKlein. I'm also your age. I agree with Chefbo and everything he recommends. I just want to add that you need to track calories. If you have a smart phone there are apps like Loseit or ProteinTracker that can help. Websites are also available. Pencil and paper. Either way you have to get a handle on what you eat.

    Good luck, this is not an easy task but for the sake of your life you've got to do it!
    May I suggest using this app to track your bloodwork tests:
    myBloodTracker for IPhone and IPad


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