Recomp ideas

  1. Recomp ideas


    So I've just finished 1 month on OEP + Alpha t2 and have managed to get down from around 96kg to 85/86kg (Including 2 weeks prior to the 4 week stack!)

    I have a feeling that due to the quite high calorie deficit that I have lost a bit of lean mass!
    I wanted to do the initial cut so I could get myself to a workable weight to do a 3-4 month recomp before summer comes around (NZ summer is at christmas )

    I am currently stand at 187-190 lb, 5'9" and around 19% bf (Still a way to go!)

    Was looking at carrying on the leangains style eating because it fits in perfectly and I have had mint results over the past 6 weeks - why try fix something that aint broke!

    So far I have my calories setup at 1984 (200gm protein) on rest days and 2694 (266gm protein) on training days - about 90% clean calories.
    I will be doing a standard 4 day split with drop sets/supersets imcorporated where I see fit (The training isn't the issue)


    Xtend pre workout
    Fish oils
    creatine (not currently using)
    DAA - thinking of dosing at 3-6gm a day during recomp
    Protein isolate

    I just wanted to get some advice as to whether or not the above calories are enough/too much for a recomp?
    also someone might be able to recommend a good stack for a recomp. I have done a lot of research on ph/ps but don't feel like I should be jumping into that in the current state I am in - so by stack I don't mean the heavy ****

    Any help would be mint, I've got 5 months and keen to smash this sh^t up!

  2. I personally think your training days calorie intake is a little to high I would aim for about 2300 calories. With the same macros. I was in your spot I was 5-11, 225 lbs. The best thing to do is stay motivated and find a fun cardio source which for me is basketball. Don't give up on lean gains it works wonders and I made the mistake of stopping and I regret it. Keep on working hard and you will get where you want to be . Good luck bro

    EDIT: HVAC is right on the cals I was thinking more of a cutting style then Comp.

  3. for recomping 2300 is too low, thats more of "cutting" cals......i figured a rough 2800 tdee, what ive been doing is 100 over maintenance on lifting days with no cardio, and 200-300 below on non lifting days with HIIT cardio....recomping is time consuming and you will have to play with your cal intake. another option is to eat the same cals everyday for the easy factor
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