Question: Low Fat-High protein foods very high in sodium?

  1. Question: Low Fat-High protein foods very high in sodium?

    I have been eating a lot of high protein low fat food like Tyson grilled and ready chicken, kraft fat free cheese, hebrew national fat free hot dogs, and various lunch meat ham turkey ect.. Ive noticed that all of these low fat high protein foods are also very high sodium. for example I eat about 2 servings of the tyson grilled and ready chicken for 1 or 2 meals out of the day just because its very convinient to throw in the microwave. It has about 40G of protein for 2 servings but also I get 40% of my daily value of sodium right there. I definitely eat over 2x as much as the dv if not more. My question is what effects will this have on my body/diet, and why is the sodium so high? I drink about a gal of water a day so im not worried about not being hydrated. My diet has always been the part ive had trouble with in bodybuilding. any help would be appreciated

  2. Its because you are eating processed foods that require a high amount of sodium nitrate to preserve them.

    What effect is it having on your body? Well, the human physiology evolved to be able to digest, absorb and process a variety of foods. One thing we did not evolve for was to consume foods heavily processed with sodium nitrates....such as all those fat free hot dogs and cheeses you are eating. So what can this do to you? Increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease, for starters.

    Advice: Eat minimally processed foods. And don't worry so much about naturally occurring animal fats.


  3. I could not have asked for a better answer, thanks for the help man. Very helpful article also. The convinience of just throwing it in the microwave and having it ready in a minute hardly seems worth it now. I will most definitely be adjusting my diet to minimize processed foods, and will be passing this article along to the guys I work with since we all pretty much eat the same stuff.

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