Build muscle with high endurance training

  1. Build muscle with high endurance training

    I am in the military and my physical training must include high endurance training. I am looking for small tips that can help me build upper body muscle (arms, chest, upper back, shoulders) all of it pretty much. My exercises consist of running 3 miles, hiking, cross fit but not timed. I do the exercises and focus on perfect form, heavier weight, but longer rest in between. Any nutrition tips would help!

  2. Of your training for endurance, you got to keep your rest between sets short.

    As for your diet, make sure your eating your carbs. Endurance training depletes your glycogen storages in your muscles, and the only way to restore it is by eating your carbs.
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  3. Why aren't you training your legs? Running 5k's and such is a quad dominant movement, especially the way the gate changes when running in combat boots. You're likely develop muscular imbalances which can lead to knee issues and really reduce your ability to perform as a warfighter. Start training your legs with a focus on hamstrings and glutes.

    Diet, as previously mentioned is ultimately important.

    Also, start lifting heavy with longer rest periods. Crossfit is ok for conditioning, but isn't going to help very much with building muscle or substantial strength.


  4. It's also good to keep your strength training totally separate from endurance training. This can mean doing them on different days, or you can do one in the morning and the other in the evening.

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