Upper right abdomen pain

  1. Upper right abdomen pain

    Ok well i have been having this upper right abdominal pain and even a little toward the back and under ribcage for the third day. It is a dull but constant pain. It hurts worse when bending and moving certain ways.
    I am not currently taking anything. I was going to be starting methyl sten soon, but obviously thats not going to happen until i figure out what the hell is going on.
    I have not taken anything since the beginning of the year which was a epi cycle with no issues at all since then.
    I was thinking maybe something with gall bladder?
    Hopefully will try to get to doctor tomorrow.

  2. Nice. It was Appendicitis. Had surgery yesterday and now on the path to recovery. Ended up losing almost 10 pounds in the last 5 days. Oh well guess i will have to eat more and get back.

  3. Glad you went in and had things looked at. Get better so you can get back to training.

  4. Thanks. Yeh cant wait to get back to it. Wondering how long i should wait before trying to lift. Guess i will give it a few days.

  5. Did you ask your doctor how long you should wait before training again?

    If not, I would probably wait a week and then ease back into it. You dont want to fuk yourself up and have to take even more time off.

  6. I saw your title and was going to come in and say Appendicitis.. Too late.

  7. Thanks. Good thing is i got in before it ruptured. Headed back for checkup on Monday and to find out when i can get back to it.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Haveacupp View Post
    Thanks. Good thing is i got in before it ruptured. Headed back for checkup on Monday and to find out when i can get back to it.
    Yeah lucky catching it early, my friend just had an appendicitis and he didn't go to the hospital till like 2 days after and apparently his immune system destroyed it so he didn't have to get it removed.

  9. mine ruptured at my house when i was about 6. its the worst pain imaginable, like a stomach ache on roids. good thing you caught it early.


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