Please help. Milk hurts me :(

  1. Please help. Milk hurts me :(

    So i may need to drop milk. Even lactose free milk bloats me And regular gives me bad gas and pain. Im cutting so what should i replace milk with? If i cut milk out of diet ill only be at 1530cals! Im 152lbs btw.

    Also will i be screwed as far as calcium goes? Should i take calcium pills? I heard that kills u?

  2. You can get calcium other places then milk...also why are you cutting at 152lbs? How tall are you?
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  3. If milk is hurting your stomach read this article, it is sure to help.

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  4. Will read thx. Im 5ft6

  5. Almond milk.

    Coconut Milk.

    Silk brand is made for this kind of complaints from people who bloat and protein-fart a lot, comes with a good amount of calcium. In late stage cuts its perfectly normal to cut dairy out, you get your micronutrients from well rounded multivitamins in your cut and also from your veggies.

    Orange Triad, now.

    And omg I just read you are 5'6" like me...and you have a hard time on flat bench press at 125x10? Dude stop cutting start bulking...I got to 126lbs once and I knew I had to bulk back up because strength and mass were dropping bad...
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  6. Almond milk for the replacement and coconut milk for the pre/post meal for the MCT

  7. Yeah almond milks a vice of mine, but the proteins not there and doesnt have the same nutrition as regular milk. I'd say try lactose free again man, I'm in the same boat as u and so far its saved me from the not being show to do milk thing.

  8. Yes, just other types of milk: Almond/Coconut.


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