LeanGains diet questions

  1. LeanGains diet questions

    I just started reading on the LeanGains approach to diet and training a few days ago. It's sparked some interest in me and I'm going to be trying it to see how it works for me. My question is, what kinds of meals should I eat? I'm 6' and weight around 180. I am probably around 16% body fat, which is just a rough guess since I've never had it tested. My goal is to get my body fat to below 10% by the end of the summer and then start a bulk. I think I will be consuming around 2400 calories a day, split into 3 meals so about 800 calories each meal. Can someone please post good 800 calorie meals such as how many cups of brown rice, how many slices of wheat bread, how many egg whites and whole eggs, etc? I basically haven't seen the breakdown of meals over 500 calories...

  2. My typical breakfast :
    2 whole eggs, 3 egg whites, slice of Swiss cheese, 3 turkey sausage links, 3 maple sausage links, 8oz green goodness, oats w/1%milk, 1/2 cup of red grapefruit ...

    Calories 978
    Carb 92
    Protien 58
    Fats 43

    switch Green Goodness with diet cranberry juice & save 150 Cal and 30g of carbs ..

  3. There is a huge thread on lean gains and I am sure some will add into this .. I know a couple (maybe 3 or 4 ?) of those guys are eating at my level (3000 Cal/day) and I am sure they will give you good input

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