How to trAck macros??

  1. How to trAck macros??

    Never really understand the whole concept of tracking macros or how to do it??

  2. work out kcal intake. set your goal.
    Adjust on app or program for tracking, eneter weight etc for food volume at each meal, and most programs should give you a break down of how much of each macro you eat.
    set your ratios if need be to meet certain protein and fat needs for that day. i.e .40g/lb for fat intake, at 1-1.5g/lb for protein.
    carbs make up rest to spare aminos.
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  3. I use an app on Android called Calorie Counter by Fat Secret but there are tons of them. Most people start with a 40/40/20 ratio of Carbs/Protein/Fat and adjust from there. You would set your calories such as 3000 then you calculate 40% and 20% then calculate how many grams of carbs/protein equal 40% and how many grams of fat equal 20%.

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  4. you just keep track of how many grams of protien, carbs and fat you eat

  5. MyFitnessPal is what I use (.com) or app for iphone/droid

    You can sit in front of a computer and type/search for the brand/product you ate, or you can use the app and actually scan the barcode right off of what you ate and typically it will find it. Pretty cool.
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  6. Very similar to Calorie Counter. These apps are pretty essential for a hard gainer especially ones who have a hard time eating enough.

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  7. My fitness pal is the way to go. It's smart easy and actually kind of fun too. I would use this daily it's the fastest way to track your macros that I've found on the web.

  8. You can use a website like fitday, calorie tracker, I believe livestrong also has a free calorie tracker.

    On top of this invest in a decent scale it makes your measurements alot more accurate. Get into the habit of pouring liquids into a measuring cup or tablespoon when serving yourself.

    It is always hard to start out because it is a bit time consuming but over time you will get much faster at counting macros. Eventually it will become second nature.
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  9. Agree with everybody that suggested my fitness pal. I've used a few different apps for tracking cals and macros, and my fitness pal has been the easiest by far.

  10. Also since nobody has told you this yet surprisingly:

    1g Protein = 4 cals
    1g Carb = 4 cals
    1g Fat = 9 cals

    Might be useful

  11. Also when bulking don't be afraid of fat or carbs especially as an endomorph. Not to say eat Big Macs and pizza all the time but healthy fatty food like fish, steak and certain oils are good as well as healthy Carb foods like oats, bran and other whole grains as well as fruits and veggies. Tons of complex carbs are great for upping calories.

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