Trying to figure out diet plan

  1. Trying to figure out diet plan

    New to the forums, currently deployed and ability to choose a diet is very limited due to options available.

    Just looking for opinions from those who have been in the same situation. Currently I only want to maintain a meal plan to cut, however being here I have to eat when I get a chance as the next meal may be some time off.

    Guess I will go into what we normally have available here:

    breakfast: eggs available daily and oatmeal, sometimes fruit.

    lunch: daily sandwiches, white bread with turkey or roast beef, or MREs when no food available.

    dinner: changes between spaghetti, plain noodles, sometimes a piece of beef, (usually a serving of meat everyday). potatoes every night and a vegetable.

    As you can see I don't have many options and I am trying to stay clear of to many carbs, as I am trying to cut currently.

    Overall, new to the entire structured workout, grew up swimming and playing sports, same through college and then into the military which has PT, but not weight intensive. Since being deployed I am in the gym constantly (tent with some weights). seen decent result IMO for not having much in the way of supplements or menu choices.

    Any recommendations on diet/meal plan....supplements would be appreciated.

  2. Figure I would add:

    missions daily which keeps me active 50 plus lbs gear and high heat.

    gym daily if available.

    5' 11" 173lbs, from taping it looks as though somewhere between 10-12% BF.

  3. 1g/LB BW minimum
    fat at minimum of .44g per lb
    carbs rest.

    work out what maintenance is, add or subtract for your goals.
    Rosie has a great caloric calculator on her site.
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