Looking for a good diet to shred some fat

  1. Looking for a good diet to shred some fat

    So ive gotta get back at it its been way to long. I have a good bit of BF I need to get gone. Im looking to get rid of this fat as quick as possible. Not looking to also gain lean mass or anything like that. Goals are to get back to about 13-15%bf then work back on size and strength. Ive always been in raelly good shape just gained a bunch over the last couple years and ready to get it gone. I usually just cut calories and do cardio to cut and never really chose a "diet" but ive been looking around and trying to find one that would help me the best with what im looking for. Always heard good stuff about the keto diet. And lately been seeing stuff about "the rapid fat loss". Just seeing what worked best for some of you out there

  2. I have been seeing great all around results on a lean gains diet. There are plenty if posts regarding it but most of my diet relies on IF and a 60/30/10 macro. Also I do it a bit different and do 4-5 meals throughout Tue hours of 12-8pm. Some people do a different setup but you gotta find what works for you. I have been not only losing fat/weight quick but also seeing some decent recomp effects. It just takes time and dedication. Pick something you think you can handle and pick a goal then say f**k it and don't let yourself stop until you get it. Good luck my man I hope this had been at least a little helpful.

  3. Cool man so you try to keep an 8 hour window? I was looking into it but it might be hard for me to keep food within that 8 hours. I'm up at 6 leave for work at 7 and get home from 7-8 at night and when I get home is when dinner time would be

  4. Yeah its really not bad and those are the hours I am usually coming and going also. The hardest part for most is the morning fast period which I font seem to have that same problem with. I get to the gym around 7 and have bcaas during and post work out and then a cup of coffe and after that I just make sure to slam water. Once I start eating its great because I eat every 2 hours.

    Meals look something like this:
    12p- 3 boiled eggs, 42-54g protein shake with 1/2c oats
    2p- 5-6oz chx breast, 1c steamed veggies, 1c Brown rice
    4p- 1c low fat Greek yogurt with 1-2tbsp honey, 42-54g protein with 1/2c oats
    6p- same as 2p
    8p- high protein dinner with maybe a sweet potato or steamed veggies, and finally 40g casein
    I usually fill up on steak, chx, Turkey, or something and avoid too many carbs at night
    BCAA before bed

    Honestly as long as you pay attention to eating around your BMR depending on your personal goals you really shouldn't be too hungry or find it too difficult.

  5. Also it isn't the end of the world if your schedule gets a little f**ked up during the day and you eat dinner a little late, or start just a tad early. Just if you go this route keep this as a good baseline and try and stay close to it and you will see progress. Clean eating and dedication gets you there most everytime.

  6. Thanks man I appreciate the info. I'll deff look into it. I think I'm going to give phentermine a shot for the first month so I can get the hunger gone while I get into a schedule and should make it alot easier. My buddy has been on it and says the appetite suppression has been awesome on it

  7. Cool man do what works. Good luck


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