grinding shoulders...

  1. Unhappy grinding shoulders...

    so i was hitting my 4 rep weight on bench and at the second or third rep my shoulder gave out and the bar dropped on me. for the past 2 weeks i've been having a little crunchiness/grinding inside my shoulder. i can't feel it but if i place my other hand over my left shoulder and perform an arm circle i get this little crunchy/grindy feeling in the muscle.

    i couldn't have torn my rotator cuff because still have full mobility in my shoulders, but they pop whenever i curl, clean, or bench. my friend told me to take off 2 weeks from working shoulders / bench, which is what he had to do when he was a football player. thing is i started taking my first AAS cycle 12 days ago (super-DMZ rx, it's a designer from ironmag labs containing dymethazine and a "tren" PH) and i'm barely getting the effects, so how long would it take for it to heal? any chance of it just being sore joints from the dymethazine (it is after all, a dry compound).

    thanks in advance guys!


    Hope that helps . I have the same problem.
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  3. interesting read and yeah, no pain here so i guess i'll keep benching, but it psychologically bothering to feel my shoulder pop so intensely...

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