Need a website where I can track calories and protein

  1. Need a website where I can track calories and protein

    Any good ones?

  2. works good for me. Even has a phone app.
    Training log:

  3. cool thx

  4. No problem. once you start it kinda sucks looking up all your meals and stuff but as you eat them it stores them as your meals so its much easier to find foods you eat frequently. And its really not even bad when you have to look it up anyway. Like I said, works good for me. Ive heard of another one people on here use but I can't seem to recall what it was right now.
    Training log:

  5. word, thats the one i used too!

  6. Myfitnesspal all day long

  7. Yep, MFP has worked great for me.
    I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.

  8. thax for sharing !!!
    You come in peace, but you go back in pieces

  9. Myfitnesspal and caloriecounter. I use myfitnesspal.

  10. fitday .com is a good one too

  11. There is an app for the iPad called foodzy that tracks cala.


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