Pharmaceutical Detox Diet/Supplements?

  1. Pharmaceutical Detox Diet/Supplements?

    For the last couple of months ive been taking a few prescription pills for my ADD i.e. Concerta, Ritalin, etc.. These pills have really been taking a toll on me in almost all areas of my life decrease in testosterone, libido, muscle mass, etc.. Is there any cleanse or detox I can do to completely get rid of all these pharmaceuticals in my system and restore myself to the way I was. I've stopped taking the pills for a few days now and feel like I'm still not 100% back. Thanks for all your help.

  2. There's no detox, just stay away from them and it is likely everything is reversible. All you need is time.

    Eating well helps remember that this is not the time to cut weight as your body is trying to work its way back

  3. Muscle memory should hopefully mean you'll gain everything you've lost with little effort. Detoxing is a myth, I'm pretty sure it'll just leave your system over time as the guy above said. Eat well and drink plenty. Good luck.

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