Working night shift slow gains?

  1. Working night shift slow gains?

    hey guys, just want some opinions on this. about four months ago i started working night shift. my diet is very disciplined and adequate for building mass, trainings on point, and water intake/ supplements etc are all there. i was gaining about a solid pound maybe .75 a month on the same diet and similar training routine (switched it up cause id been doing it for three months), excluding fat. since ive started the graveyard, its like my strength is still going up as normal, but putting on mass is like 200% harder. not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but either im a nasty plateau or this graveyards ****ing me. i know the whole science behind sleepng at night/ circadian rhythm, but id like to know if anyone else has experienced opposite or similar situation. thanks guys

  2. I don't know man. I've been flopping between days and nights on 2 week intervals for over 3 years now. I do know though that I am stronger, heavier, and leaner than I was back then though.
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  3. yeah in my military days it was alot worse, but now that im working a steady nightshift, its like everythings slowly halting. ive been tweaking stuff the last couple months for a trial and error kinda test, but everythings n check and im still lagging behind. garbage, but ill see how the next two go. kinda wanna start my havoc cycle already though

  4. Maybe its time to change your diet. What do your daily (nightly I guess) macros look like?
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  5. I worked nights for a long time and my gains were way better when I got laid off and started sleeping at night. I personally believe that I wasn't sleeping in a state that promoted growth while on nights. I found that I ate better and could work out at a much more intense level when I slept at night vs sleeping during the day. I also made better choices while living on a "normal" schedule-It's not just you!!



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