When you're eating clean, where do most of your calories come from?

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  1. I am Rosie O'donnell, so thats kinda f***ed up.

  2. I make meatloaf with wholewheat bread crumbs,
    Oats with protein honey and penut butter
    Whole milk (usually when i havn't planned enough for work)
    Cottage cheese
    Home made protien bars
    Chicken Kebabs (post workout). I get double meat, humus, letus and tomato on a wholewheat wrap. An easy 600 cals.
    Rice if i still need more cals.
    ~Get shredded or die trying! The alphamine chapter~

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jbonez View Post
    I am Rosie O'donnell, so thats kinda f***ed up.
    Ha ha -- I'd give you rep points for that if I could but it won't let me

  4. Lean meats, dairy products, and lentils. Largest chunk of my calories right there.

  5. Ground turkey, red meat, eggs, rice, red potatoes

  6. Yeah, fats are definitely making up a good portion of my calories. Judging by body composition, for me personally, carbs keep me from dropping my BF% way more than fats do.[/QUOTE]

    Fats/cholesterol are precursors to testosterone. Carbs are not. That's why you drop more with fats.


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