keto diet carb up question Please advice

  1. keto diet carb up question Please advice

    After doing keto for 2-3 weeks I decided to carb up. My goalis to get leaner currently at 170 10-12bf. I want to do 24hour carb up. So ifmy first carb meal was at 3pm does that mean I have to eat carbs till the nextday 3pm or just the rest of the fallowing day? For example I would carb up from3pm till 11-12pm and than start keto the next day.
    How quickly and how much do you gain water weight? after 8hours I only gained 2pounds if that. I was expecting to gain water quickerand become fuller hmmm.
    My meals
    3 hours before workout whey with mixed fruit 30-40g carbs
    after workout pierogis 100g
    pancakes with maple syrup 60g
    bagel and some pineapple 80g2 cups oats 100g
    pasta with chicked bread from chilis (cajun) 118g

    some chips with salsa 20gI had about 418 carbs (Based on several guides I was supposedto aim for 700 in first 24 hours)

    do i really need this much carbs to carb up?
    I workout 5-7 days a week
    Can I workout on the 2nd day of carbing up?

  2. Wow man, you have some SERIOUS issues with your diet. First of all, on keto, you're supposed to carb up every 7-10 days. Second of all, if you eat your first meal at 3 PM, something is wrong, but either way, that means you eat carbs for your 6 meals throughout the day until you go to sleep. Third of all, keto is MAINLY used to lose weight in that you eat no carbs, so your body goes into ketosis, which means it effectively runs off of fat, so your protein and fat sources are immediately burned (no storage) and so is your actual storage fat (under calorie needs).

    fourth of all, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, you are not eating enough or the right type of carbs. you are supposed to EASILY hit 600-800 carbs, I've hit more before. you are supposed to eat complex carbs, like whole wheat bread and pasta, oatmeal, bran, sweet potatoes and potatoes, rice, fruit, etc. your meals should have WAY more protein man, your protein intake should stay just as high during carb up day as normal keto days.

    Lastly, you ask "Can I workout on the 2nd day of carbing up?" - Well, that makes no sense. Carbing up is only one day, so there is no 2nd day. if you mean the day after, then yes. workout any day you want. I always tried to put chest day on carb up day, but that was just for explosive energy.

    good luck, more questions just PM me or reply here w/e

  3. thanks for the reply. My first carb up meal was at 3pm I had more meal before without carbs. I workout 6-7 days a week. This week I will start having carbs prior to my workout. I did not carb up for 3 week as I wanted to make sure I was fully fat adapted. I was doing fine without carbs for such a long time streangth wise but endurance was not the greatest.

  4. When you do a carb up day, carbs should be in all meals.

    Do not have carbs prior to your workouts, ONLY have carbs on carb up days.

    Endurance is hit quite hard, carbs are a great source of energy. Also, your glycogen levels are so low so your muscles probably look tiny. Keto has some serious bad points, but it also has a good theory if you do it right, you should see results.

    If you are trying to bulk up, I would re-think whether keto is the way to go.

  5. i have 12 running event in 2 weeks.(tough mudder)

  6. You are doing tough mudder in 2 weeks and chose to do keto to prepare? lol nice.

  7. How is the keto workingout for you?
    are you losing mass, fat....just curious

  8. Quote Originally Posted by vassille View Post
    How is the keto workingout for you?
    are you losing mass, fat....just curious
    I stoped doing week before my running event. Currently Iam going back on keto... It was good loosing fat and no muscle loss.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by marcink99 View Post
    I stoped doing week before my running event. Currently Iam going back on keto... It was good loosing fat and no muscle loss.
    Cool. THe one thing to watch with keto is that if you need quick energy you do have to eat some carbs. Like you mentioned keeping lean mass is not a problem but bursts of energy is hard to optain with keto. If you use up tons of energy it might be beneficial to do a low carb diet. If you glycogen is very depleted it might take up to few days to feel full again upon carbing up.
    THis happenes sometimes when bodybuiders who go for weeks without carbs cuting down for a show, it takes more than a day to fill up again.
    When I do low carb I fill up with one cheat carb meal a week. On keto depending how depleted Im it takes longer.
    Just have to see what works for you


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