Anyone Tried Topamax?

  1. Anyone Tried Topamax?

    My doctor prescribed it to me so i stop Night Eating. I am scared of the side effects though. Was kinda groggy today and slower thinking. Side effects are hallucinations and memory loss and trouble finding words and zombie status. worth the risk? any experience?

  2. Isn't that stuff that you are only supposed to take when you have a bad migraine? I think my girlfriend has a package of it for emergencies. Chemical name is something succinate, I believe?

  3. Sorry to bump a few day old thread,

    Topiramate or topamax, is a seizure/migraine preventative. I've been on it 3 months and those side affects are real. I take it twice a day to prevent migraines and yes occasionally, I'm zoned out but im always still here if you know what i mean.. But il take the occasional day dream over the suicidal pain of a migraine anyday.

  4. Not worth using to prevent night eating (is this a legitimate condition or just a bad habit?) but is a legitimate anti-migraine/anti-seizure preventative.

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