Nocturnal Eating Syndrome :(

  1. Nocturnal Eating Syndrome :(

    This is such bs. Ive had it for years. I can eat perfect all day. Then i go to bed,and i wake up throughout the night and binge like a fatass. Actually at night i Scratch myself,bite myself and eat. Anyway i have tried everything. I just ordered more Melatonin and 3z and some omega 3s to increase leptin levels. Also im switching from Luvox to Prozac,as it shows some help with Eating Disorders. I have tried topamax but only for a couple of days as it made me too sleepy,does anyone have any ideas?

  2. Put a lock with a timer on your fridge and cabinets.

  3. i cant others live with me,i have even tried locking my own door with a word combo but i get out

  4. jas anyone tried topamax? i am considering going back on it but im scared cuz it might make me stupid

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