Amino Acid Blood Test -- Low Arginine

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    Amino Acid Blood Test -- Low Arginine

    In my never-ending quest to find out what's wrong with me, I've done a lot of different lab work. More for curiosity's sake, I requested an amino acid test. The 3 that were out of range were: arginine (low) and histidine and taurine (both high).

    The arginine piques my interest, though. It came back at 30 (ref range: 40-160 umo/L).

    Even before I put on all the weigh that I did, I noticed my minimal vascularity disappearing. Even though I've never been all that vascular, I still had the brachials showing very well and raised and I always had some good forearm veins raised (especially while lifting). Even when lifting (heavy weight or high volume), I have no veins raised. I can see them, but that's it.

    Between that (the relation to NO) and arginine's relation to the immune system (I have Hashimoto's and my TPO-Ab are still through the roof), this interests me. There was little I could come up with when digging around for low arginine, but this link seemed to be relevant:

    Anyone have any knowledge in this field (from a medical/chemistry/biology background)?

    Should I start supplementing with arginine? If so, which form? or citrulline?


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    Additional info:

    Quote Originally Posted by
    Arginine is 1 of the most physiologically versatile of the amino acids. It is, of course, 1 of the 20 amino acids that are required for protein synthesis, but its importance extends far beyond this (5). Arginine is a critical intermediate in the urea cycle, a source of amidino groups for creatine synthesis, a substrate for nitric oxide synthase, and a source of ornithine for polyamine synthesis. By virtue of its role as a precursor of NO, arginine plays a key role in vascular function, immune function and brain function. Each of these roles of arginine will become compromised when arginine levels are decreased. However, we do not know the levels of arginine at which each of these processes becomes compromised or, indeed, the order in which they become compromised.
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    More info on arginine.

    The more I read, the more I'm curious of its role in my life, at this juncture. I'll definitely do what I can to increase it, so it'll be a matter of determining what to supplement with (l-arginine? a different form like AAKG? citrulline? etc.).
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    So I got to bend Cyrus's ear for a second and his suggestion is norvaline and citrulline. I'm curious if anyone has dosing suggestions (amounts/time of day/which forms of each/etc.) given that my levels are so low (and I'd obviously like to be at the higher end of range.

    Also, this is probably me overthinking things, but could my supplementing with BCAAs and other amino acids be the cause of this (i.e. causing an imbalance by what I've taken in)? Isoleucine, leucine and valine are certainly not high (and those are what I take in the most of in supplement form).

    My mind is just working at a mile a minute, curious about the effect this is having and if protein synthesis is being hindered (and if so, at what rate).



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