ADD muscle after weight loss

  1. ADD muscle after weight loss

    I have lost the fat I wanted. I know want to added the weight back but in the good old muscle and not the fat. How do I go about that and what should my eating look like and what should my workout look like?

    Thanks much

  2. First step is to figure out your bmr..then get a diet together applying the macro nutrients for the desired results and eat in a surplus.hit the gym hard and sleep good

  3. As far as what your workout looks like, 5/3/1 is a popular program with a lot of great feedback out there. You should check into it.

  4. Are you trying to bulk or cut?

  5. Trying to add lean muscle. don't want any of the fat.

  6. whatever you have been doing to shred the fat, just add more protein and calories

  7. Consult an instructor in creating a perfect strength workout routine. Drink a lot of water and consume protein before and after workout.


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