As simple as calories in vs calories out, or is it?

  1. As simple as calories in vs calories out, or is it?

    In this episode they take a bunch of normal sedentary people and preceed to train them for a marathon. The participants started their training by running 70-100 miles a week. What were the results? While most of the participants became better runners (as expected) there was hardly any significant weight change (despite adding in all of this training to their lives).

    What this also questions is this idea that people are fat due to overeating and being lazy (sloth and gluttony)

    See - for a good read on this

    Turns out when it comes to weight loss or gain, it really isnt as simple as calories in vs calories out after all. While yes this is true if we lived in a test tube in some lab and had every movement (calorie out) and ever nutrient consumed (calorie in) measured and controlled for us, but we dont. We are not bomb calorimeters.
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  2. Sort of relevant

    So if obesity is the result of excessive calorie intake than why is it that 1 out of every three homeless americans were found to be obese?
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  3. there was a local study and mini documentary on fasting, like leangains where testers even on slightly higher than maint cals still lost weight more so than the testers that ate the exact same but used a non fasting method.....i have no literature to link on it...
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  4. I eat 2k cals a day...lift 5 days a week and do 10 mins moderate cardio pre lift and 10 mins post lift...and keep my carbs under 150 grams and keep my protein at least 200 grams...I'm 5'9" 182lbs and I still hardly lose weight then I did all of this with 12 hour eating window and 12 hour fast and started to see changes....
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