keto diet questions

  1. keto diet questions

    I read that some of the symptoms are smelly breath/urine . My breath and urine is the same but keto stripes show me in small-moderate level of ketosis. Is this normal? (It took me 2-4 days to get into it.)

    How easy is it to get out of ketosis lets say if I would have 100-200 carbs would that throw me out of ketosis if yes how soon would I know? I assume couple hours with the stick?

    Would keto diet be good for tough mudder? (running event 12 miles 29 obstacles) Currently Iam 6ft 172 11-12bf would like to get to single digits before the event in 3 weeks is it duable?

  2. if u use the ketone strips after a workout it doesn't show if ur in keto because you're using the ketones(or something like that).
    for me more than 70g of carbs throws me off. on this diet i lost about 20% strength and some endurance. if u have 3 weeks before the event i would suggest stoping keto after the second week and carb up the last week because you'd perform better on carbs during such event.

  3. Over 50g I would be thrown off. Didnt lose much on the strength part to be honest, some people really get thrown off, though.
    Androhard + Andromass Log

  4. thank you for all the answears. Iam doing my first refeed after 2-3 weeks it should be fun!

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