Eggs...w/the yolk

  1. Eggs...w/the yolk

    I eat about 6-8 whole eggs a day. I've noticed this doesn't effect my body fat, but is that too many eggs to consume each day?

    I'm a college kid and that seems to be the cheapest protein source out there besides Tuna and Lentils.

  2. No that's fine

  3. No that's Completely fine

  4. Stupid FKING iPhone app

  5. If your concerned and you know how to seperate the egg whites from the yolk then do that and consume the egg whites (cooked is better, but you can go raw if you blend them in a smoothie). Otherwise it doesnt matter

  6. Eggs are nature's perfect protein.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  7. The calories can add up, but I always eat eggs with the yolk. Simply delicious and great for you. I don't know how often I eat eggs and thick cut bacon.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by ck Black
    Stupid FKING iPhone app
    Haha I lmao when I saw this and add some chicken to those eggs


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