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If you like CrossFit, then continue to do it. If you see gains, then whats the harm? However, (in refercne to the last bolded statement), yes, people who do not study in this field MAY know what they are talking about however after working with many athletes, I am yet to find someone who has a clear understanding of WHY things work the way they do. Nutriton advice will differ with many people on this forum, thats just the way it is, people have differing opinions about what works and what doesnt however the fact is, things work better than other things in certain situations and there is a science about these things.

If you don't like people offering their aducated opinion about something, then don't post it in an exercise science thread. Many of us who have a clear understanding of certain systems in the body, athletic conditioning, nutrition etc. etc. only offer sound advice based on months, if not years of research. I'm not here to have a go, but we are not here to be condesending or think we are better than anyone, however your responses should also be based on science and not on heresay.

Just thought id clear that up.
Smart man.