Dry rice or dry oatmeal for Weight Gainer?

  1. Dry rice or dry oatmeal for Weight Gainer?

    Can dry rice be pulverized in a blender to be used in a mass gainer? Or is oatmeal the preferred source? Never tried either but would like to start making my own weight gainer.

  2. whichever one you prefer.

    I would call both "clean"

  3. I would use oatmeal first if your not gonna cook it.

  4. One way to find out. I have done oatmeal and i approve. I also seem to be the only person I know who considers putting alot of good ol fashion fruit(raspberrys and strawberrys are my fav) in with 2 scoops of natty pb one scoop vanilla protien powder one scoop chocolate one cup of skim milk and 1tbsp olive oil the best weight gainer outthere with alot of other benifits health wize

    Sugars ,fiber and lactose for carbs. Lots of healthy fats, nutrient dense and about 700 to 800 calories for the shake.
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  5. Thanks. My intention is to make a batches of the stuff, this way I can consume it when needed, say right after my workout when I'm on the go. I do alot of driving for work and typically work out at 6-7am. Then I immediately consume my post workout meal which, in the past, has been a pre-made mass shake. Sounds like oatmeal would be the way to go as dry, pulverized rice wouldn't absorb the water as readily as oats?



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