3yo world's stronger boy, muscles 40% larger

  1. 3yo world's stronger boy, muscles 40% larger

    Very interesting documentary in several parts on this 3yo boy with crazy muscles and strength
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  2. I saw that on TLC last night, I noticed its from 2010. I'd love to see an update to see what he's like now and find out about the DNA tests they took.
    They weren't sure what caused the condition however they ruled out myostatin inhibition. It is unfortunate that they determined that he will only be about 5' 6"
    That will limit his potential in a lot of sports despite his great strength and athleticism.

  3. I suppose if they really wanted him to be taller they could give him growth hormones.

  4. Just spent the last hour watching all 5 parts. That kid is extraordinary! I hope to see him on the US olympic team for something 20 years or so In The future
  5. Jahcuree
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    I saw this on tlc last week. Is it no or low myostatin levels??

  6. They ruled out myostatin inhibition,
    They did DNA sequencing, however the show ended before the results were in.
    The show was filmed in 2010, I would love to see a follow up show now that he's five or six years old.

  7. That's a cool video.

    I need his energy level!
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  8. Watched this awhile ago. Very interesting. Would also like to see an update.


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