I have lost a ton of weight lately and I am really happy with my body. I'm still sticking to the same nutrition as I was when I first started to lose weight and also about the same amount of exercise / workout.

I'm still really happy with my diet (as in the things i eat everyday) but I've started to feel slightly nauseous later in the evening. Don't get my wrong, it is nothing serious but I'm just curious what could be causing the nausea.
My wife has been following the exact same diet, also great results but no nausea complaints whatsoever.

Lost 12 pounds in the first month.
Another 9 pounds the 2 months after that.
Now in shape, happy with my body etc. Just some final toning that I'm working on right now.

gmdiets.com/reviews/a-personalized-diet-for-you A Diet That Is Actually Personalized For You, Does It Exist?[/url] is the diet plan that I've been following.

Help very much appreciated.