My diet for summer help!

  1. My diet for summer help!

    I have been looking around and reading up on different body types and how they work. Also in which how much protein I should be eating depending on what I want to do, which is bodybuild. I am currently 6' 2" 200lbs. at 9% body fat, I am looking to improve this diet plan so dont be easy on me I want straight up yes or no and how to improve it.

    Goal: 210lbs. 5% body fat by October

    Meal1: 1 cup egg whites
    2 cup cooked oatmeal
    Total: 50g protein 108g carbs

    Meal 2: Whey protein shake
    1 scoop 8oz. water
    1 tbsp. peanut butter
    Total: 33g protein 9g carbs

    Meal 3: 8oz. Chicken breast
    2 cup cooked white rice
    2 cup vegetables (spinach)
    Total: 62g protein 88g carbs

    Meal 4: 8oz. Lean cut turkey
    2 cup cooked white rice
    1 cup vegetables (broccoli)
    Total: 54g protein 88g carbs

    Meal 5: Whey protein shake
    1 scoop 8oz. water
    1 tbsp. peanut butter
    Total: 33g protein 9g carbs

    Meal 6: 8oz. Baked salmon
    2 baked potatos
    Total: 78g protein 128g carbs

    Meal 7: 8oz. Lean Beef
    Total: 60g protein

    Total: 370g protein
    430g carbs

    I will also be drinking a gallon of water throughout the day. My body type is a ecto-mesomorphic which is for the reason of so many carbs. On the off day on Sunday I will be reducing my carbs down to 300 due to the fact that I will not need the extra energy. I am also missing 30g of protein at least at this time going for 2g protein per pound, so if anyone has an idea for an extra meal post it please.

    Thanks guys,

  2. too much protein, and you dont have fat even listed... also with that many carbs its going to be hard to get to 5% BF.

    and i'd personally aim for over a gallon of water to flush kidneys

  3. Yea that much protein is no good for the kidneys bro..try 1.25g of protei per lb of LBM.. Seeing as your trying to gain weight but loose fat you should look at the IF lean gains thread.. Work on your macros and dont ever count fats out theyre very important for a healthy diet

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