Hey guys, I found this training routine (shortcut to size) I want to start in couple weeks and I wanna make sure I get dialed in with the nutrition first before starting it. The program has the nutrition calculator which provides the daily calories I should be taking on and off workout days. It also provided me of the macros of which I need to consume on/off workout days also.

Kindly check if the nutrition calculator is accurate enough for me to follow. Btw, my starting weight is going to be 155lbs and here's what the calculator gave me after I plugged in my number:

Workout days:
Total calories- 3100cals
Protein- 271g, Carbs- 271g, Fats- 103g

Non-workout days:
Total calories- 2790cals
Protein- 244g, Carbs- 244g, Fats- 93g

Any advice/ inputs/ opinions regarding this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance