Lung cancer signs and symptoms

  1. Lung cancer signs and symptoms

    Smoker's cough which persists or even becomes extreme.
    Persistent upper body, shoulder, or even back pain not related to discomfort from hacking and coughing.
    Increase in amount of sputum.
    Nonsmoker's coughing that continues in excess of 14 days.
    Change in colour of sputum.
    Blood in sputum.
    Repeated installments of pneumonia or respiratory disease.

    Other signs and symptoms that may be associated with late-stage lung cancer range from:

    Loss associated with appetite.
    Head ache, bone discomfort, aching important joints.
    Bone fractures not really related to unintentional injury.
    Neurologic signs and symptoms, such as unsteady stride and/or episodic loss of memory.
    Neck as well as facial inflammation.
    Unexplained weight loss.

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