Tired ALL the time

  1. Tired ALL the time

    Hey everyone :-D

    I seem to be tired all the time :-(

    I'm wondering if it's my diet?

    What are the best foods for energy and weight loss??

    Fed up being tired all the time

    Thanks everyone x

  2. are you getting enough sleep?

  3. You might not be eating calories. Most people have a tendency to undereat too much while trying to lose fat.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja
    You might not be eating calories. Most people have a tendency to undereat too much while trying to lose fat.
    This. Post your daily macro's and calorie level and we will do out best to help!
    Romans 8:38-39

    Save sorrow for the souls in doubt

  5. any signs of adrenal fatigue? post all your symptoms.

  6. As mentioned above, it could be a littany of things.

    Here: 690+ different reasons


    On a more serious note, the most common to think about:

    Vitamin/Mineral deficiency
    Diabetes/Blood sugar issues
    Thyroid issues
    Liver stress (drugs/oral steroids)
    Heart disease
    Burn Out - Adrenal Insufficiency
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  7. Thanks guys :-)

    I usually have toast in the morning, a salad with a little feta cheese and couscous for lunch and dinner is usually chicken or some pasta.

    Is this not enough or too much? X

  8. Need more info .. height weight bf activity level ...etc .. your daily intake is a meal for me ...and I am cutting

  9. Need more info , like workout times , caloric intake , stats , so as to know if you are too low on calories or simply just plain burn out. Also 3 meals a day were mentioned, hour times? Possible you are having a crash effect due to high GI carbs or simply like i said...not enough cals...people think cutting cals has to be a lot , better to do a minimal cut and workout/cardio a bit more as to generate the deficiency and lose fat steadily without feeling lethargic all day!!

  10. Your breakfast is not complete, your lunch is void of nutrients save for the feta cheese, and you dinner lacks variety and vegetables.

    Further, stress levels, your personal stress response and with that...how you release stress, sleep, and certain mineral consumption will also play a role in that. So will time outdoors, especially getting sunlight, etc.


  11. it could be rest/recovery/food. but perhaps you have fatigue? mono?


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