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My First Log- Popping Cherries In! - Log

  1. My First Log- Popping Cherries In! - Log

    They say you never forget your first time. God knows they are right about that. Let's get this Log started off the right whey!
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    Okay you guys on AM finally got me to do it! I am doing my 1st Nutrition log. Check out My Stuff!

    BMR Stats

    Body Weight: 195.2lbs
    Body Fat :8.6%BF
    Water Intake: 62.7% (H20%)
    Visceral Rating: 1 (1-12 is good)
    Physique Rating: 6 (4 is the best)
    Avg.Bone Mass: 8.8lbs( 8.3lbs is the average)
    BMR/CalorieIntake: 4987Calories
    Metabolic Age : 12


    .5cc of Test 200(1x/week)
    Thyroid and Prolactin Pill(1x/day)(for maintenance)
    Multi Vitamin(1x/day)
    Fish Oil(1x/day)
    HCG (3x a week)
    Green Tea 2 packets(teabags)

    Turkey Sausage 4 eggs scrambled with black beans and red peppers(2x)
    Trail mix(ban. chips, nuts, dates and raisins)
    Light day for food

    Day 2:
    8am: Chick Fil A Chicken Burrito with Salsa and Fruit
    Thyroid and Prolactin Pill
    Multi Vitamin

    Turkey Breast Sandwich with p.jack cheese and mayo(lightly spread) Sara Lee Honey Wheat Bread

    Snack: Baked bbq chicken leg quarter(1)

    Dinner: Baled bbq chicken leg quarter(2)

    Chicken Salad with walnuts,strawberries, garlic, CHERRY tomatoes,cucumbers,mushrooms,c ilantro, rasberry vinagrette and feta cheese(BOMB.COm)

  2. i can eat cheddar bratwurst but breakfast sausage makes me wanna gag!
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  3. Get you happy but in my log and post a link sheesh. You know I am in to see what you can do. Which test are you going to be running? I am assuming it will be Prop since it will be once a week. Curious to see how the HCG treats you as well. Oh and don't forget to post up some pics. I know what you look like but these other folks don't.

    Let's do the dang thing.

  4. Today I ate

    3 Waffles for breakfast
    1 packet of oatmeal
    2 turkey sausage patties

    8oz chicken breast with some mac and cheese


    Chicken with tater tots

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