Please crotique my recomp diet plan. Warning long a$$ post!

  1. So after about a year and a half Natty i have decided to run another cycle, this time with a body recomp as the primary focus. Firstly, the cycle I have chosen is of an undetermined length as of right now, but it will be no less then 6-8 weeks. Im running prop/tren/Winstrol @ 50mg respectively on a daily basis. I will also be adding in 50mcg of t3 daily .5mg adex every other day and 250iu of hcg every 3 days for the duration.

    My current stats are:
    Bf low 20's
    5+ previous cycles

    About a month ago I Finished a stint of the rfl handbook by Lyle McDonald where I managed to lose about 25 lbs in just over 3 weeks and have kept 20 of it off since then. In the past I held off cycling unless my bf was closer to 15% or so, but for personal reasons I have decided to break my own rule this time, so no need to light me up in regards to that.

    Obviously my main point of concern is going to be my diet. I have decided to give carb cycling a go this time around.I will have 2 high carb days, 3 low carb days, and 2 no carb days. They will be structured around my workouts, with high carb days corresponding with the most intense and highest volume workouts. Here's what I'm thinking:

    Monday - legs - high carb
    Tuesday - chest and bis - low carb
    Wednesday - off - no carb
    Thursday - back - high carb
    Friday - shoulders and tris - low carb
    Saturday - off - low carb
    Sunday - off - no carb

    NOTE ON CARDIO - will be preformed 6 days a week fasted in the AM as well as a brief warm up/cool down session on training days. I may even try to squeeze in a session of hiit mid week at some point down the road.

    I have estimated my maintenance calories to be about 2800 daily. With that in mind I am thinking of structuring the diet as such:

    High carb days:
    3300 cals ( 500 above maintenance)
    Protein - 285g (1.5g/lb)
    Carbs - 400g
    Fats - 65g

    Low carb days:
    2800 cals (maintenance)
    Protein - 285g
    Carbs - 250g
    Fats - 65g

    No carb days:
    2200 cal approx.
    Protein - 285g
    Carbs - 120g
    Fats - 65g

    Weekly maintenance calories = 19600
    Actual weekly consumption on diet = 19400

    The plan is to eat as cleanly as possible. All lean protein sources with with a couple exceptions Ie: salmon
    BS chicken breast
    turkey breast
    shell fish
    extra lean ground beef and cuts of red meat
    egg whites
    skim milk cheese
    fat free cottage cheese
    tuna and other lean fish
    whey thrown in here and there.

    As far as carbs I will limit myself to the following:
    Brown rice
    Oats (Slow Cooked)
    Sweet potatoes or Yams
    Fiber One (All Bran) Cereal
    Starchy Veggies (corn, peas, etc.)
    Whole-wheat pasta(limited amounts)
    Whole grain breads, pitas, etc (limited amounts)

    Natty peanut butter
    Olive oil
    Fish oils
    Whatever trace amounts are in my carbs and protein

    I guess it's becoming obvious I'm not a big fan of writing out meal plans.... Basically pick an item or two from the lists above and presto! There's a meal.

    Additional sups:
    Salmon and fish oils
    Saw palmetto
    Milk thistle
    Joint support

    I'm trying to be as thorough as possible here but it is likely that I have overlooked something. Any and all feed back and constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks for taking the time to read this admittedly swollen post.


  2. Few last things I forgot to mention. I will be having 6 meals a day. Also I will include at least 1 cup of fibrous vegetables with at least 3 meals a day every day. I will have one free meal a week most likely on Friday during a high carb day. This is a meal that doesn't conform to the rest of the diet in terms of food choices, the only constant will be protein consumption.
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  4. Anyone care to chime in at all ?

  5. So no carb day u r having 120g of carbs??????

  6. Can I crotique your spelling?


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