Too much protein?

  1. Too much protein?

    Ok I have a few questions and need some advice. First let me give you my info. I'm 5'11 195lbs and approx 14% body fat. I'm looking to cut some fat yet maintain or gain some muscle size. My diet has been averaging about 3000 calories, approx. 200g carbs but 325+ g of protein. Is it possible to have too much protein?? So you know majority of my protein comes from chicken, eggs, and whey protein shakes. Also will cutting my bf % down affect muscle size if I keep a very high protein diet?? Lastly can you put on muscle size while losing weight, or is the only way to grow is too gain weight? I'm very good at keeping track of my carbs, cals, etc but don't know the exact amounts I should have. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  2. you can get too much of anything...drinking 90oz of water at one time and your cells will flood and you drown.keep your protein intake to about 25-30% of ur diet

  3. Quote Originally Posted by ohiostate2827 View Post
    keep your protein intake to about 25-30% of ur diet
    I dont completely agree with this. If you are cutting and you want to maintain as much LBM as possible you are going to need to up your protein to around 40% of your total cals. This is assuming you are doing something like a 40/40/20 - P/C/F. I have often gone even higher than that if I am going over 500 cals below maintenance. Then sometimes my protein will be closer to 50% of my daily cals.

    Now Im not saying that is the healthiest way to do it from a medical standpoint, I dont know pros/cons about that. Im just giving you my (and many others) opinion on what % of your daily total should come from protein.

    If you are having trouble coming up with your BMR (the total cals you need in a day) check out this calculator (BMR Calculator) and then slowly start reducing you cals from that number.

    Best of luck with everything!

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