Chili's Bar & Grill

  1. Chili's Bar & Grill

    Whats something tasty you fellas recommend

  2. Can't go wrong with fajitas

  3. double posting wont get you a "tastier" answer
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech
    double posting wont get you a "tastier" answer
    Just a shîttier response :-/

  5. I recommend avoiding that dump.

  6. Alot better options then there,nothing beats going to a good ole fashion "local"steak house in my eyes.
    More like home cooking(which you cant beat)fresher foods,healthier options(usally)and you know what your getting.

  7. LOL.. I agree with the last couple of posts. **** Chilli's. Go find some little mom and pop place with bomb ass food.

  8. I love the bacon ranch steak quesadilla with 69 g protein.

    Check out Chili's nutrition information here to find more options from their menu.


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