A couple of questions.

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    Ive been doing some reading in the spare time I aquire between work and lifting things up and putting them down and thought of some interesting questions.

    1. Dose erase by PES affect igf-1? Because androgens aromatizing to estrogens plays an important role in production of gh/igf1 I think.please correct me if im wrong.

    2. What are the risk on low fat diets? I know testosterone is screwed with or atleast not optimized but other than that...somebody spill some science my way? Note Im curious and not considering a low fat diet.

    3.My buddy is starting to lose weight and hes lost 50 lbs in 5 months his skin is starting to become a problem. What should he eat/take/apply to his skin for tightening it up? Or atleast promote optimal skin health for the rest of his weight los. He was 270 at 5'11. Some people say tanning helps.(never had that problem)

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    My answer to number 3 would be for him to keep exercising(Assuming he already is) and find a moisturizer that includes vitamin A/vitamin C.

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