Accurate calorie calc

  1. Someone give me a link to the most accurate calorie calculator you have found. Please and thank you.

    Edit: using the calories katch mcardle formula I need 3800 plus some in change. ****.
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  2. ... also has smart phone app .. you can adjust meal names, macros and number of meals from the PC side of the site ... best one I have tried

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  4. I use the my fitness pal also. I use the app on my iPhone. It's great cause u can just scan the bar codes or look up the food, save meals etc.

  5. I also use myfitnesspal. I love it! My diet was always a weak area for me until I started using it and really tracking every bite I took.

  6. I've always used but its been around forever...probably are better tools out there but I'm just used to it. Got all my usual meals saved into it.

  7. Yerp my fitness pal app is the sh*t


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