Carbs for IF. Beans? How good are they?

  1. Carbs for IF. Beans? How good are they?

    Ok, little background;

    I've been doing the IF / Leangains program, but I've always kept my carbs a little lower than usual, heavy on the proteins. On my workout days I will go about 60% protein, 30% carbs, 10% Fat. On my non workout days, 50% Protein, 40% Fat, 10% carbs. So I've been trying to figure out how to setup my meals. My non-workout days are pretty easy to figure out, but my workout is where I'm struggling, because I'm not used to eating a lot of carbs and I really don't enjoy eating rice / pasta much, so I'm trying to see what else I can replace.

    I eat a couple of packs of Oat meal (Cinamon and Apple) before my workout at around 3PM. How good would beans be as an addition to my fast break at 1PM as well as my post workout meal at 7PM? And which beans are the best? Black Beans? Are Grilling Breans bad because of all the sugar? How about Chilli Beans since they come with some meat as well? I'm trying to keep it canned so it makes it easier on me, I also eat some veggies like broccoli, asparagus, etc during those meals, as well as on my low carb day, to keep digestion going.

    Guess this would be the breakdown:

    1PM: Half a can of beans, a big piece of steak or a few chicken breasts, asparagus.
    3PM: Oatmeal (adds up to 260 calories, 54g of carbs, 12g of sugas)
    4PM: Protein Shake
    7PM: Post workout meal, the other half of the can of beans, the other half of the can of asparagus, a lot of chicken / steak.

    Androhard + Andromass Log

  2. Bipity bump? Beans, beans, the magical food? The more you eat, the more you toot?
    Androhard + Andromass Log

  3. Come on peeps
    Androhard + Andromass Log

  4. For IF-related questions, try the IF thread... It worked for your yohimbe question

  5. If I remember right, black + adzuki beans are the best choices. but yeah, nothing wrong with beans a good carb source, plenty of fiber, and a little protein.



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