antidepressants and cyp?

  1. antidepressants and cyp?

    Because of my age in a passing conversation with an endocrinologist; he had suggest because I am now 37 years old I might want to look into taking 200mg of cyp per week in order to get back on track.

    However, I am on Lexapro - 15mg a day. This guy had no real idea as to what any effect one would have on the other and I am currently working without mediclal coverage. So, going to a general md to get a ref to get to and endo is going to run me a few bucks. I'm willing t odo it, but I was wondering if it's actually worth looking into being that I'm on medication.

    If someone had any kind of advice before I throw money in the trash only t ofind out I shouldn;t have even bothered that would be great.

    Thanks a lot guys for any advice you're able to offer. Not looking for medical advice just any person info you may have come across will be great.

  2. You can be on antidepressants while taking test at the same time. However, do you know that you have low testosterone and are you experiencing multiple syptoms? If not there's no need to try and fix anything that isn't broken. Depression can be partly due to low test or other hormonal imbalances. Bringing hormones back in line has helped some people come off meds. 200mg a week is more than most people need to maintain healthy levels.
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  3. You'll probably have better luck with responses if you post something in the male anti aging forum.
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  4. Well my depression is what it is, not a sign of low test. I did a lot of reading before I spoke with the conversation with the doc. He had said it i have a lot of the signs and symptoms of low test production. I'm really not going to know until I am able to start getting it check out. It's just going to be a royal F ton of cash.

    I'm working out a pretty serious nervous breakdown - I went from 255 to 170 in about 2 months. So, pretty much everything right now just makes me stressed lol.

    I gotta look up side effects of whats going to be if I do go on test. I've never used anything before and always have been natural. So, for me I only know the evils of everything and none of the good.

  5. I never used aas or prohormones either. I started trt a few months ago. Low test can be worse for you than most sides you might experience. There's a lot of valuable info available but don't trust everything you read on internet forums and good luck.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by breezy11 View Post
    You'll probably have better luck with responses if you post something in the male anti aging forum.
    Can a MOD move this post so I don;t have to x post it?


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