How much protein powder is too much?

  1. How much protein powder is too much?

    Hello all,

    I was wondering, what percentage of my daily protein should/can come from Protein Powder? On the labels it says to not let it be your primary protein source. Is that true? How much protein powder is too much?

  2. please disregard the labels, try your hardest to utilize whole foods if possible, at the end of the day if your lacking on cals or pro intake then use a shake, try and use a shake post workout on training days if you'd like...i like to stay no more than 20%...
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  3. Thanks for the input. I took like 4 scoops of protein one time throughout the day (96g protein), and i felt funny that night. Do you recommend a shake before bed or when I wake up, or strictly after workouts

  4. protein powder is still protein, by itself it wont build muscle. whole food sources will always provide more quality gains...i think timing is irrelevant anymore so whether you want to use it waking up, snack, pre workout, post workout or before bed is up to you...i currently do not use protein powders anymore and get all my pro through solid food. keep in mind the more you use the more you will have to buy and protein is only getting more expensive...
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  5. You want to take in 1g of protein per lb of weight, but don't only do shakes, you want to get all of those grams of protein from different sources. I personally take one shake of 50g right after I workout & before I go to bed I'll take a shake of 25g of casein protein. Throughout the rest of the day I try and get my remaining grams from different sources. Hope this helps.

  6. Yeah what these guys said plus u really don't wanna take that much at once i wouldn't go over 50g at one sitting unless its a food source


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