Drinking raw eggs safe????

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  1. Wash the outside of the eggs before cracking. The shell being dirty is what causes food born illness just as it will with fruits and veggies. The inside of the egg if fresh is a sterol environment

  2. If you have the energy to was the outside of the egg you should have the energy to cook it.

  3. Microwave them! Trust me, not sure if mentioned yet but all you gotta do is put 2 eggs in a bowl, put a small plate on top of that bowl, and you have fresh eggs in 65 seconds- I've been doing this for years

  4. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone
    If you have the energy to was the outside of the egg you should have the energy to cook it.
    You should actually wash them even if you're cooking them (sometimes i still forget to do so). The bacteria from the shell can easily contact with the egg as your cracking and emptying it out. This isn't something I'm pulling outa my ass either its taught in food safety courses. I remembered when I learned that raw egg consumption is safe if you take the precautionary steps I was pretty happy since I thought as many do that it was the raw egg itself that can cause illness. (although it still can if the eggs arent fresh) I'm not a fan of drinking raw eggs alone but I do add a couple to my morning shake I drink along with my bran cereal an Greek yogurt. If I have the time I much rather cook them.

    Sunny side up over brown rice with a side of turkey bacon cooked crisp is fuking delicious. Mash it all together it's awesome!

    scrambled whites with chives, spinach and shrooms with a side of whole grain waffles and turkey sausages

  5. gross. and foods like eggs should be cooked.

  6. Been eating raw eggs all my life. More risk of infection from eating a spinach leaf. There is an issue eating raw "whites only" due to the avadin but if you are eating the yolk with it there is way more than enough biotin in the latter to counter that.

    I don't eat raw eggs out of laziness, just convenience. Crack one into a glass of milk and whip with fork for extra healthy fats, b vitamins, protein etc.; add to fruit smoothies, protein shakes, the list goes on.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by jared767 View Post
    I never tried it. But I remember Grandpa used to mix raw egg on his coke. He said it tasted good and healthy

    Believe it or not
    Gramps was a cokehead??JK ...I've never ate them raw and dont think i could stomach that either

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  8. Never ate them raw, I put them in the blender with my shakes, never know the difference

  9. Raw egs tast the same as when theyre cooked.. The texture is whats gross..jus throw it in a shake vuala!!

  10. you can get salmonila poisoning im pretty sure

  11. Quote Originally Posted by MagillaRU View Post
    Not sure if anyone is still following this post but what about egg white protein powders. It's a little more expensive than cartons but cheaper than pasteurized liquid whites. I usually just make a big batch of hard boiled eggs and then crack em open and toss in a blender with oats, natural pb, and a banana. I'm considering going the powder route though because I'm getting tired of peeling the damn shells every morning. Lazy, I know, but has anyone tried any egg white powders that you would recommend? I've heard trueprotein.com is a reputable company.....anyone have experience with their egg white powder? Thanks in advance!

    It is true nutrition now, not true protein anymore.

  12. ^^^^ Yes.

    I deal almost exclusively with TN, and while I've only used their egg protein in a blend I can assure you that ANY product from them will be top notch. From service to quality to price, TN is the best there is IMHO.
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.

  13. like Rocky?!?! lol...

    man, i would rather cook an egg sandwhich

  14. Quote Originally Posted by machorox123 View Post
    Raw egs tast the same as when theyre cooked.. The texture is whats gross..jus throw it in a shake vuala!!
    see posts 31 & 34


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