Bruised Vein in arm :///

  1. Bruised Vein in arm :///

    Hey guys & girls!

    A few weeks ago i was finishing up my arms workout, and noticed a vein in my arm looked bruised :/ its been a few weeks, because i presumed that it was just a bruise and it would go away. I also have to red marks on my other arm. They have still not gone away, they cause me no discomfort whatsoever, im just wondering what you possibly thing the cause may be/ what it is/ or how i can get rid of it...

    Hopefully you guys can help me out and i can get this **** sorted! thanks


  2. Pics?

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  3. stretch marks?

  4. Sounds like it could possibly be stretch marks. Have you gained a lot of muscle or size really quick?

  5. It's ok I was scared of my first stretch mark too



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