I just wanted to thank you for all the advice and information you've given to me as well as what you've publicly posted all over the forum. It's taken a ton of research and some getting over my own stubbornness in thinking one thing was the golden egg to follow to fix myself and then another, and another, but I just read a book over the weekend. Almost its entire premise is what you discuss on a daily basis and what we've been taught/brainwashed to not think, unfortunately.

It's helped me to understand that Hashimoto's is first and foremost an autoimmune disorder that just so happens to attack the thyroid. I'm in the process of trying to hammer some things out and hopefully get some tests that will show where the dominance is and where any specific red flags are. It sounds like a lot of people who have similar issues (though most seem to be women), notice at least some relief within the first several weeks to month of turning things around.