wieght gainer or whole foods?

  1. wieght gainer or whole foods?

    ok so i been working out for 2 years already and have been drinking wieght gainer 2x a day since...my results from it were pretty good...in 2 years i went from wieghing 190-235. now im wondering if i substitute the shakes to whole foods what difference will it make? i changed up my whole eating schedual to make it the same amount of calories as when i was taking the shake wich is 4000cal.only difference is instead of the wiegh gainer i substitute it for food(8oz chicken breast 1 cup broccoli 8oz sweet potato 1/4 almonds) and my carb intake has dropped from 440 to 306, protien went from 330-354 and fats from 80-98 what can i expect from such a change? thanks for the feedback guys

  2. Being really full for one!No just kiddin,you'll probaly burn alittle more cals because of the digestion part of it ,but if you were making your shake(whey powder,egg whites,oats,almond/peanut butter,ect)then just as healthy,if not way healthier,more filling.

    I my self "use to be"a supplement junkie(whey,pre w/o's,creatine,ect)now i train just as or not better with eating more whole foods and less supplements,my pre w/o is coffee and i do on occasion drink a whey shake pre w/o (morning training)but have it post.No extras added.

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