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  1. In biology were goin over macro molecules.. My bio teacher keeps refering to me as "the sports drink protein guy".. We constantly get into it because she talls me i eat too much of everything.. Today we got into a little dispute about consuming protein shakes..o a typical day i consume 3 scoops of whey 2 being post workout.. She keeps telling me to just drink water because your body wants homeostasis blah blah blah.. I tried explaining to he thy once glycogen stores are depleted in your muscles you need to refill them.. A protein shake is a goo way to that until you get home and have a real meal. Shes completely against them and wont listen to anything i have to say. So what yours guys take on protein shakes

  2. You could live without them. Some people rely on them though and that is never good.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone
    You could live without them. Some people rely on them though and that is never good.
    Absolutely people use them to replace meal i only use them for what they are Supplements

  4. It doesn't matter either way.
    It def won't hurt u. I like syntha-6. Drink my protein and enjoy it and don't worry about anything. I don't think u need a shake during the day, unless it's a MRP and it's a hardy 1 like 3-400 Cals and so on.
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