Why are my guts ROTTING?!

  1. Why are my guts ROTTING?!

    Ok..so trying to figure out what's going on with my digestive system..holy ****. My gas is ridiculous right now, horribly smelly. I almost never take a ****ing solid ****, it's outrageous. I'm tired of pissing out of my azz lol. My current diet is pretty healthy. On a day to day basis eat pretty much the same thing. My grocery list is:
    -cottage cheese
    -steamed veggies
    -ground beef
    -2% milk
    -protein powder
    Now I do notice when I take Slin-Sane I seem to have especially liquid ****s...but I do not think this is the culprit here...any thoughts?

  2. See a Dr. and increase your probiotic intake. The Dr. will rule out major issues and the probiotics (greek yogurt, kimchi, Gut Health, etc) will help with digestive health. I have gastrointestinal issues that are currently being investigated, but even just increasing my intake of probiotic foods has helped a lot.
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  3. Im far from an expert, but if you really want to experiment, add some things that you dont normally eat, try some peanut butter on bread, maybe a few bananas, some mixed nuts, maybe get something fatty into your diet. Try it for a few days, see if there is any change, if not then see a doctor lke Resolve said, also try the priobiotics, gut health, etc.
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  4. Are you lactose intolerant?
    Sometimes it can develop later in life.

  5. Had the same problem and now I eat yogurt and bran cereal as part of my breakfast everyday for the last 2 years. It's helped alot with the probiotics in the yogurt and the bran to firm it up a bit. I crap like 5 times a day since I was a kid. Sucks when your constantly painting the underside of the seat.

  6. I say go to the Dr. ASAP because if it's something serious then you might get screwed

  7. You may have a food sensitivity to somethings that you eat. This may be probable if you eat the same foods every day. I'd say see a doctor and ask for an analysis for food sensitivities, yeasts, parasites, gut bacteria etc.


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