Sugar in Tobacco (dip)

  1. Sugar in Tobacco (dip)

    Alright so I dipped for 7 years and just recently quit for the new year. My mom called me yesterday and was like I can't believe you used to dip when theirs all that sugar in as much as you care about what your body looks like haha. So basically my question is does dip have sugar in it or does it just spike your insulin levels? Can anyone tell me the negative effects dip has on working out...

  2. A lot of them do yes. Some a lot more than others. The really flavored ones can have a lot. I don't have the info on hand as to which ones though. I can ask my wife to try and find it though. She's a dental hygienist. FYI I do dip myself much to her despair lol. It's similar to cigarettes having perfumes in them and such. To make them more enjoyable and palatable. My vice is Cope.
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  3. I appreciate thing I do love is some grizzly wintergreen. I really just like to have a dip when I'm stressed or every week or so while on a cycle because its the one thing that actually calms me down.

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