help for estimate my daily caloric need

  1. help for estimate my daily caloric need

    Hi guys, just as the title, i need some help to estimate my daily caloric need. I'm 21 years old, 1,82 m x 168 lbs at about 11% bf. I do very intense weightlifting in the gym three times a week followed by 30 - 45 min of cardio workout ( 30 min if running on treadmill at 11 km/h, 45 min if cycling). The other four days of the week, i run for about 10 miles at an avarage speed of 12 km/h (7,5 mph). Using some formulas or software, my daily caloric need should be around 3200 kcals and my BMR around 1800 kcals. It is correct ? What do you think about? Could you help me to estimate it?
    Sorry for my bad english in my posts !!

  2. Actually sounds pretty close(there only ballpark/so is are advice)best way is to get a ball park figure try it for a week or two,two being a better option see how you feel(energy/strengh ect)and weight/measure.Then adjust from there.

  3. thanks for the answer man. I tried to mantain a weekly average caloric intake around 3000 kcals, changing it every day by modifying carbs intake, but i was always hungry. Now I'm doing a test eating the same amount of kcal every days (around 3200 - 3500 kcal) and see what happen. I'm only afraid to gain bodyfat.
    Sorry for my bad english in my posts !!

  4. After a week or 2 - if you notice bodyfat then you need to back off the calories.
    Also, use pictures, the mirror and even someone who you really trust to tell you if you're gaining fat or not. Good luck, bro!

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