So, I have been promising to post a sample of my diet that I have been using while on helladrol... I have had an extremely beneficial cycle and I believe that my diet has a lot to do with it... To check out my log go to

Now, keep in mind, that I am an NASM certified personal trainer and nutritionist and I have spent YEARS coming up with something that works specifically for me... Everyone is always going to have their own opinions on diet and what works for one person may not for the next... My results speak for themselves on this cycle and this diet has been a big reason for the progress that I have made...

I am eating between 3000-3200 calories a day and about 400 grams of protein a day...

Morning - 2 hours before the gym

6 egg whites - 102 cal 20 protein
1 packet of SUGAR FREE maple and brown sugar oatmeal - 100 cal 4 protein
3/4 serving of peanut butter - 150 cal 5 protein

basically what I do is cook my egg whites... I cook the peanut butter into the egg whites on the stove and drizzle the oatmeal over the top... It tastes excellent and gets me a good start to the day...

1 promax low sugar bar... 220-240 cals... 18-20 protein
1 pure protein bar... 180-200 cals... 20 protein

Post workout - Whey protein ( I use dymatize or gaspari for post workout) 120-150 cal 24-25 protein

So now we are at about 1:30 p.m...

1 PLAIN greek yogurt... I STRESS PLAIN because the others have WAY TOO MUCH SUGAR

100 cal 18 protein

Greek Yogurt is my secret weapon for extra protein...

6 egg whites 100 cal 20 protein

About 1.5 hours later

Apex bar... 150 cal 10 protein

1 hour later
1 can of lowfat tuna... drained so there is less salt
150 cal 33 protein
1 greek yogurt
100 cal 18 protein

1 hour later
whey protein... I use a little more expensive whey for this... the two I have found to be very effective are NRG-X sublime whey or isopure...
105-120 cal 25-28 pro

1 hour later
1.5 servings of special k protein cereal... NO MILK... I use sobe no calorie flavored water for milk...
150 calories 15 protein
1 greek yogurt
100 calories 18 protein
1 special k granola bar
110 calories 4 protein

1.5 hours later
Frozen Steamer vegetable... Usually asparagus or green beans... 50-80 calories 3-5 protein
6 egg whites
100 calories 20 protein

About 2 hours later when I get home from work... Roughly 10:00 p.m.

I normally have 1.5 - 2 servings of either fat free ground turkey or chicken breast... I cook them in the oven or on the stove top... I normally cut half a green pepper and half an onion with them... I use mustard for a little flavor...

180-260 calories 42-58 protein

6 egg whites 100 calories 20 protein
Sugar Free maple brown sugar oatmeal packet 100 calories 4 protein
1 serving of peanut butter 200 calories 7 protein
Casein protein... I use ON gold standard casein... 120 calories 24 protein

So that is my typical day of eating... I drink a lot of water throughout the day as well... I have found that even though I was drinking skim milk, that it was effecting my cuts... I still get milk in the greek yogurt but I completely cut it out of my diet throughout the day and have found that I have become more cut up since then... I try to keep my fat and sugar to a minimum... Some will say I do not get enough carbs but my body doesn't react too well to carbs... Of course I have a little variety in there... Some days I have fish instead of chicken or turkey but I find that this diet works well for me... I actually enjoy most of the foods I eat... For me, this diet has seemed to be very effective... IF anyone needs any help with any setup of a diet, let me know! Hope this is beneficial for you...